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 Tanner's Mod application

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Tanner's Mod application Empty
PostSubject: Tanner's Mod application   Tanner's Mod application EmptyWed Apr 03, 2013 12:48 am

Name: Tanner
Age: 15

Support Rank; No
Forum Mod: No
Donator: Will be donating on April 5th

Information About you:
Well i just joined the server about an hour ago, love it so far. Also ive been basically every rank of staff on many servers. Servers that have now been closed, even though I don't have proof i still put that in there Smile

Why Should you be a Moderator:
I sort of put that up top Smile

How You Would Help:
Everytime i get on i will be in the CC "help" and will be ::yelling it every 10-15mins and helping people to the best of my ability, also report bugs, and report hackers, scammers etc!
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Tanner's Mod application
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