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 Wrx Sti's In-Game Mod App

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wrx sti
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wrx sti

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Wrx Sti's In-Game Mod App Empty
PostSubject: Wrx Sti's In-Game Mod App   Wrx Sti's In-Game Mod App EmptyWed Apr 03, 2013 8:55 pm


Support Rank: No
Forum Mod: No
Donator: No

Information About you: I bike, snowboard, and smoke weed. Haha but uhm i drive a fast ass car (sig), wanna talk about cars, come to me. I'm fun to hang with, but if you do dumb shit, u better know your consequences.

Why Should you be a Moderator: I'm the most fair person you will ever meet. I dont make up shitty rules like people on other servers. I handle things well and i can get people to listen to me

How You Would Help: I would be able to keep the server under control, and like i said, i am good at getting to a fair solution for everything.
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Wrx Sti's In-Game Mod App
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