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 Luring/Bug Abuse!

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Luring/Bug Abuse! Empty
PostSubject: Luring/Bug Abuse!   Luring/Bug Abuse! EmptyFri Apr 05, 2013 4:32 pm

NOTE! ITEMS WERE RETURNED! everything is okay now. .

So today i was lured in ::funpvp by Maple. First, lets start out with the definition of a lure.
Tempt (a person or an animal) to do something or to go somewhere, esp. by offering some form of reward: "the child was lured into a car".

Let's see, the tempt to do something was to kill other players in funpvp, where you keep items, in this case the player was Maple. By going and trying to kill Maple, there would be a reward of 3 pkps, no items, i was not looking for items while fighting in ::funpvp, WHERE YOU KEEP ITEMS, but Maple was.

So here I go. Today i went to ::funpvp, where you keep items as before stated, and i wanted to have some fun. Fun is not what i had. When i came, i saw Maple and another player fighting at the edge of the area, south where you run out when you want to tele out (see example #1). I killed the other player, and got no drops. Then I killed Maple. Maple then returned to funpvp. Maple attacked me and ran outside of the funpvp area, therefore bringing me with in retaliation. Maple then continued to Dragon Claw spec me. I was brought down to 00 hp and killed. I didnt think much of it until I saw my armor was gone, and i only had 3 things in my inventory. What happened was Maple lured me out of the pvp zone, where u keep items and killed me. This in turn made me loose all my items. I lost Primal Rapier, Ring of Vigour, Healer level 5, Virtus Mask, Flameburst, claws, and ags. The ags i currently have i purchased after i died. I would like for action to be taked against the accused, Maple, and my items returned. Once again, this no good person Lured me and used a Glitch, or bug abuse, to kill me and take my items. Now, i know proof is needed. In the first picture, you see me with only 3 items and my Summoning cape and gloves on the ground. The others are incriminating evidence against the persecuted, but are not necessarily in order.

Cant post images.. fuck u forums lol... TO OPEN IMAGES, RIGHT CLICK AND CLICK OPEN IMAGE IN NEW TAB

Proof 1:
Luring/Bug Abuse! View

Luring/Bug Abuse! View

Luring/Bug Abuse! View

Luring/Bug Abuse! View

Luring/Bug Abuse! View
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Luring/Bug Abuse!
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